Offering over 8km of unspoilt Barwon River frontage, this unique property has been an icon in the Geelong region for the best part of a century.



‘The future belongs to those who plan for it’ Colin Hayes

100% Australian owned, Rosemont, Gnarwarre is arguably the finest thoroughbred stud farm in Victoria.

Offering over 8km of unspoilt Barwon River frontage, this unique property has been an icon in the Geelong region for the best part of a century. Once boasting Geelong’s most popular pony & equestrian club, over the last century it has served as a sheep farm, cattle country and is now set-up & established as one of the most successful, picturesque thoroughbred nurseries in Victoria … and continues to spread its wings.

We know however, our responsibility goes far beyond breeding horses.

We have a commitment to care & nurture for every horse born, raised or we’re entrusted with, to ensure a positive experience for our clients and the communities we touch. We do this by getting out there and rolling up our sleeves. Every day.

Rosemont, Gnarwarre is a premium thoroughbred farm boasting world class facilities including a magnificent stallion complex, yearling barns, veterinary hospital and a glorious, award-winning period homestead.

Continued improvement & a firm commitment to re-invest in the land over many years has ensured the horse facilities are second to none, making Rosemont an attractive venue for stallion owners & commercial breeders.

Building has begun on a state-of-the-art new office complex along with a new mare & foal barn, an upgrading of the stallion area in addition to a number of brand new staff accommodation apartments.

Surrounded by over 500,000 planted gum trees & encompassing more than 4200 acres of lush, irrigated pastures extend to rich paddocks with subtle undulation for the young developing stock beneath an array of softly protected valleys for winter protection. An oasis for any young thoroughbred.

Rosemont combines the perfect balance of river flats and rolling hills and is renowned for the quality and toughness of the thoroughbred stock it has produced through the years.



Rosemont Stud is a centre of excellence for rearing young stock and managing the many needs your mare will require through every phase of elite breeding.

From vet management to ensure safe ‘in-foal’ process, to nutritional management for the gestation period and most importantly the most ‘back-to nature’ environment, Rosemont provides the best care.

Set on alluvial river flats as well as plenty of high-ground rolling hills, variety is just one asset your mare will enjoy. A professional team with live in managers and vet staff, nothing is left to chance.

With regular reporting from our staff, you can stay up to date with your mare and foal’s development and of course, our gates are always open for regular visits.

From elite mares like Group winners Bella Vella, Krone, All Hallows’ Eve, Brooklyn Hustle, Gift of Power, Jamaican Rain, Spanish Reef, Teleplay and Thrillster to breed-to-race beauties through to sentimental favourites …. all mares reside equally at Rosemont and enjoy the very best.



Rosemont provides a full foal-down service with a state-of-the art foaling unit, 24/7 night-watch throughout the entire breeding season and dedicated floodlit paddock space for mares nearing foal birth. Trained staff supervise all foaling to ensure mares and foals receive the best care and attention. Rosemont’s resident vet is also on call 24/7 for any emergency issues that arise through foaling.



Rosemont Stud employs a resident vet to oversee the health of all horses on the property, allowing us to offer comprehensive veterinary services to all of our horses. This is particularly important during breeding season to ensure all of our horse are in their optimal condition.



During the breeding season, Rosemont facilitates a range of methods to maximise your mares’ chances of conceiving:

Resident Mares – Mares agisting at Rosemont are prepared on-site.

Mares are vetted and monitored throughout their pregnancy and eventually foal down at Rosemont.

Walk On – Mares are brought to Rosemont from other locations, serviced by Rosemont stallions and return to their residence after servicing.

Walk Out – Mares agisting at Rosemont are taken to another stallion farm for servicing by a non-Rosemont stallion and returned to Rosemont for the duration of their pregnancy and eventual foaling down.

Rosemont is able to accommodate all options for getting mares in foal and has truck and transport facilities to ensure efficiency, convenience and comfort for your mare, whatever your preference.



Rosemont offers a detailed weaning service, employing trained and experienced staff to handle the delicate process of separating foals from their mothers. Weanlings receive hands-on, individual attention that helps the learn quickly. It is an education that prepares them for their next stage, whether it be as a sales yearling or breaking-in and lays the foundations for their careers as racehorses.

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