Togetherness. It takes us all a long way.


Togetherness. It takes us all a long way.

It was Charles Darwin that said “It is the long history of humankind (and animal kind, too) that those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed.”

In the interests of Breeding Brilliance, it is an atmosphere of doing it together that drives our team at Rosemont Stud. Together in the fields, together in the good times or bad, together with our breeding partners, together on the racetrack, together in the winners room. Success starts together.

Rosemont has a passion for being the best it can be, have the people that want to be their very best and give every racehorse the chance to be it’s best. We know they can’t all be champions, but together we dream!

That dream started in the early 90s when Grant Austin had the dream to turn part of his and his wife Heather’s stunning Barwon River cattle and sheep property into a boutique thoroughbred breeding operation. Together, they loved racing. Breeding was the next step.

Those seeds planted grew quickly and together with son Nigel and son-in-law Anthony Mithen, passion was rising for what could be achieved together. Grant’s passing in 2003 saw a coming together of a grander plan. An idea that togetherness could produce a place where elite thoroughbreds could be reared, raised and cared for to produce elite results not only for themselves but for other too.

Nearly two decades later, Rosemont has three times been crowned champion Victorian breeder, has around 500 horses under their management and care, and has built a formidable racing stable and broodmare band that – together with an elite team of industry professionals – will see new chapters written in this Brilliant Breeding story.

But it happened through coming together. Together with great trainers, great clients, great fellow breeders, great team members. It didn’t happen because of one.

Elite horses to come off Rosemont’s farms or from our elite yearlings drafts for clients include Santa Ana Lane, Mr Quickie, Hey Doc, Krone, Treasurway, Fashion Legend, North Star Lass, Pounding, Of The Brave, Bella Nipotina amongst others. Rosemont’s own honour role include Brooklyn Hustle, Nanagui, Legacies, Iconoclasm and a host of other black type horses.

And together …. we are far from finished in our quest for Breeding Brilliance


The Rosemont Homestead is a centrepiece of our Gnarwarre property and used for hospitality, entertainment and guest accommodation.

The recent redesign of this five-bedroom 1880s bluestone homestead focused on giving the sprawling home a new lease of life while keeping the charm of its ‘western victorian’ heritage.

Equine elements prevail in quirky touches such as jockey paintings, horse statues and accessories, surrounded by a sophisticated blend of rustic elements and glamorous pieces.

Sensitively filling such a large space was one challenge, which Greg Natale Design tackled by using furniture to delineate separate areas such as a double living room and reading nook.

Surrounding the homestead are glorious garden areas and ladscpaed sections with a tennis court and even an MCG replica sized cricket oval for clients to utilise.



They say, the harder the work, the greater the reward.
And this is hard work.
This is the early morning trackwork, and the late nights spent with a new foal.
This is the cold, the heat, the dirt & the muck…
The years it took to learn what potential looks like. And the minutes it can take to waste it.
This is our responsibility to those who came before. And our legacy for those who will come after.
This is a commitment to the thoroughbred, to the people, to the land.
To doing things the right way. The hard way.
Because, its not just about the moment at the finish line or when the hammer falls.
It’s the sacrifice, the sweat, the failure and the faith.
This is a Passion. For the bright eye and big ears. For the personalities and the pleasers. For the simple sound of four hooves..
This is our life’s work.

*(Keeneland excerpt, 2018)


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