Popular Rosemont stallion Toorak Toff is in for a change of scenery with a deal struck to stand the horse for 2018 at Tasmania’s Kingsley Park.

In a joint venture between Rosemont and Kingsley Park, the dual G1 winner will be a massive boost to the Tasmanian breeding stocks and give local breeders a great proven option as they finalise mating plans for the forthcoming season.

“What a great opportunity for the Tassie breeders,” Rosemont’s Anthony Mithen said. “He’s had over 50 individual winners this season and got some quality prospects for the spring including our very own Iconoclasm.

“We have retained ownership with our other partners as we really think he just needs another season or two to hit top gear and could end up a very good proven horse for the future. Right now he’s in limbo with his stock looking like they get better at 3 and 4 and we know how impatient the market can be.

“We wanted to find a jurisdiction where he would be well supported and we reserve the right to bring him back to Victoria in 12 months to continue his career.

“We approached Rohan at Kingsley Park as we saw their operation as a young, up-and-coming stallion farm that is having a good crack. Not dissimilar to us a few years back to be honest. They will do a great job and I really think there will be plenty of rewards for Tasmanians to use the horse to breed to race or for the local Magic Millions sale.”

Rohan Gudden from Kingsley Park could not be more excited about the impending arrival: “He should get here in a week or so and we can’t wait to show him off. He’s such a lovely type of horse and the clients we’ve spoken to so far are really keen on supporting him.”

Gudden is hoping for a bit more luck than their first ever stallion Krupt who stood just one season for Kingsley Park. “It was a real tragedy. We want to have a go with the stallions and brought Krupt to Tassie only to lose him to colic halfway through last season. You can either sit in the corner and sook or get on and have a look for another one. When Anthony rang me, I was very excited to join forces with Rosemont and stand him on behalf of all Tassie breeders,’ he said.

Toorak Toff overall has had 63 individual winners running at almost 50% winners to runners with victories in 5 different countries.

Gudden is still finalising his standing fee but welcomes any phone call to discuss using Toorak Toff in 2018. He can be contacted on 0400 682099.